ESG Implementation Structure

On June 22, 2012, Everlight Chemical established its Corporate Social Responsibility Committee and Corporate Social Responsibility Best Practice Principles to guide the Company’s efforts in fulfilling corporate social responsibilities. On January 4, 2022, the committee was renamed as the Sustainable Development Committee (also referred to as ESG Committee). The Chairman of the Board has been appointed to lead the ESG Committee and oversee the Company’s sustainable development goals and strategies, guided by the company vision of “Becoming the High-tech Chemical Industrial Group Contributing to People’s Lives.”
The Governance Team, Environment Team and Social Team have been established under the ESG Committee, each of which are headed by senior managers at or above the plant or business unit level. The structure and responsibilities of the ESG Committee are outlined in the organizational chart.
The first ESG Committee meeting took place on May 23, 2022. An overview of the Company’s performance regarding ESG measures and material topics throughout 2021 was presented to the board on August 11, 2022. Key projects in 2022 included confirming on the management approaches, performance indicators and targets for 2022-2023 based on identified material topics.
In addition, to improve our ESG measures and reporting, and to effectively respond to the updated GRI Universal Standards (2021) and new regulatory requirements, we have adjusted our reporting approach. Per professional guidance from an external consultancy, we have decided to migrate our ESG disclosures to our website as the primary platform and the report format as supplementary material, representing a further step to proactively enhance our ESG practices. In corporate governance, we continue to improve the efficiency of various management systems and strengthen our governance practices. On the front of environmental protection, we continuously enhance our environmental management and measures to address climate change. We have also signed the TCIA 2050 Net-Zero Emissions Declaration to demonstrate our commitment to sustainable development. In the social aspect, we are dedicated to providing employees with a safe and fulfilling working environment, promoting character education, and expanding our community engagement and social impact.