Employee Character Education

Encouraging Learning and Growth:
Character Education
Encouraging Learning and Growth:
Character Education
Everlight Chemical hopes that character education can motivate employees to develop good character and enhance their sense of fulfillment in their work, family and personal lives, making good character a lifelong pursuit. Promotion of character education is based on the Everlight Character First Implementation Measures. Managers at all levels embody the spirit of service and practice servant leadership. They are asked to lead by inspiring team members and lead by example, so that employees can resonate and connect with the Company’s culture and philosophy.
Measures Implemented
Character Commendation
  1.  Employees are featured and honored at monthly meetings at each plant/business unit for their acts of good character. In 2022, a total of 158 employees received the recognition.
  2. Department managers highlight and commend the good character of employees whose birthdays fall within the month.
Training and Exchange
  1. Through sharing at monthly meetings and quarterly publications, we promote the concept of “Character over Accomplishment.”
  2. We provide employees with a free copy of our monthly character-themed publication for employees to study and share with family and friends.
  3. Every month, each division/unit holds a 30-minute discussion session about the featured monthly publication to help employees grasp key concepts and put them into practice.
  4. Managers of all levels are asked to familiarize themselves with concepts of good character and to keep them in mind and inspire team members by modeling acts of good character.
  5. We have implemented projects to optimize our character seminar record form and improve character commendation content to further emphasize the concept of “Character First.”
Content and Publications
  1. We include commendations of good character, educational information and personal stories in our quarterly publications to provide employees with comprehensive information about character education.
  2. We provide free affirmation cards that are easy to carry around and reference to when needed to help employees practice good character anytime, anywhere.
  3. We present monthly character-themed posters on bulletin boards to serve as a reminder of the character education theme of the month.
  4. We print out monthly character education content on calendars and give them out as gifts for all employees.
Character Management
  1. We include character as a factor in performance reviews.
  2. We require job applicants to fill out a character trait questionnaire upon application.
Regular Performance and Career Development Reviews
  • We conduct regular performance reviews for all employees in accordance with our Performance Review Procedures. Performance reviews are conducted in May and November each year, where performance is evaluated against key annual goals and will serve as the basis for future training and promotion.
  • As of the end of 2022, performance reviews for all full-time employees have been completed.
  • At annual performance reviews, managers discuss with employees organizational development and changes, department needs, and new task requirements to help employees improve work quality and acquire the necessary knowledge, mindset and skills.
  • In 2022, we also introduced the Individual Development Plan (IDP) program incorporating the Managerial Assessment of Proficiency (MAP) tool to enhance employee competence and strengthen organizational robustness, which will further enhance the Company’s competitiveness.