Resource Efficiency Management

1.Improving Resource Efficiency
Resource efficiency is one of the most crucial elements in our Green Gold Vision Action Plan developed in 2015. We continue to improve the efficiency of our production processes to reduce waste and minimize the loss of resources in the chemical reactions. From product design to production, we have been implementing the 12 Principles of Green Chemistry and using atom efficiency as an indicator for performance evaluation and management. We have implemented various projects to reduce waste, enhance recycling and apply technological innovation in our production processes. We continuously work towards our goals and promote the reuse and recycling of resources.
Also, we will continue to increase the use of renewable raw materials. Renewable raw materials are usually derived from agriculture or the life cycle of an organism. Compared to nonrenewable resources such as fossil fuels, natural gas, coal and minerals, renewable raw materials are less harmful to the environment. Hence, we try our best to use renewable raw materials in our production processes as much as possible to minimize environmental impacts.
2.Management Approach

Policy & Commitment

Everlight Chemical is committed to preserving natural resources. We actively adopt the 12 Principles of Green Chemistry in our product design and production processes.

Governance Body

Everlight Chemical’s Environmental Management Committee
Environmental management team and dedicated environmental protection unit at each plant

Management Approach

Continuously assess product options (based on our criteria for sustainable products and select products that contribute to people’s lives)
Continuously improve production processes
Conduct atom efficiency surveys

Key Performance Indicator (KPI)

Atom Efficiency: Total mass of product available for sale / Total mass of reactants) X 100%

Evaluation Mechanism

(1) Environment management reviews (annual)
(2) ESG Committee meetings (twice every year)
(3) Plant policy reviews (quarterly)
(4) Internal audits on our environment management system (annual)
(5) External audits on our environmental management system by DNV (annual)
(6) Circular Economy Steering Committee meetings (quarterly)

3.Targets & Resource Investment


Gradually improving atom efficiency, with the following goals: ≧ 69.0% (2023); ≧ 69.2% (2024); ≧ 69.3% (2025)

Resource Investment

Implement circular economy practices, adopt green chemistry principles, and develop sustainable products

4.Accomplishments in 2022
  • In 2022, the atom efficiency of our plants reached 70.9%, significantly exceeding the target value of 66.6%.
  • In 2022, the use of renewable raw materials reached 2% (vs. 1% in 2021) and the use of renewable materials reached 44%. We will continue to work on increasing these ratios.