Employee Communication

“There were no labor-related disputes in 2022.”
The labor union at Everlight Chemical was founded in 1987. In 2022, the union had 955 members, representing 73% of the Company’s employees. Although no collective agreements have been established, the Company has formulated work rules and holds four labor-management consultation meetings each year as required by regulations. We also hold year-end dinner meetings with union representatives, facilitating smooth communication and coordination on labor relations matters through presentations and proposals (a resolution to increase group dining allowances was passed in 2022). There had been no labor-related disputes in 2022.
The Company has also established the Welfare Committee to coordinate on matters and measures regarding employee welfare, offering diverse channels of communication to encourage colleagues to voice their opinions and participate in discussions. Employees can submit work reports or proposals, which also helps facilitate smooth communication between employees and management. In addition, monthly meetings are held to inform employees on the Company’s operations and future directions. The Company also holds year-end employee symposiums and publishes quarterly journals to inform employees of key company policies and future directions. These measures allow employees to promptly provide feedback and offer clear channels of communication, embodying the Company’s philosophy of “Respecting Our Employees.”
Meeting between the Company’s chairman and union representatives
Advance Notice of Termination
Everlight Chemical holds quarterly labor-management consultation meetings as required by law. In the event of significant operational changes that require the termination of employment with employees, advance notice will be provided in accordance with local laws and regulations at each operating location
Other Communication Channels
  1. Each employee has their own dedicated email, through which they can communicate their opinions to relevant managers (including the General Manager). “Respecting Employees” is one of Everlight Chemical’s core business principles. We listen to and respect opinions from our employees.
  2. The Company has established a proposal system, through which employees can submit reports on issues they have observed on the ground. With the guidance and assistance of their direct reports, employees can submit specific suggestions for improvement to the Proposal Review Committee for evaluation. Rewards are given based on the evaluation results. The approved proposal is assessed again for the Proposal Effectiveness Award after three months of implementation. The system promotes the mutual benefits of embracing employees’ opinions.
  3. Every year, a year-end employee symposium is held, hosted by the highest-ranking executives of each plant or division. During this symposium, employees can raise unresolved issues and express their opinions, and colleagues brainstorm and discuss potential solutions together. Subsequent updates on responses or solutions to matters raised at the symposium are announced.