Talent Cultivation and Development

Continuing Education & Career Development

Employee Skills Upgrade, Continuous Education & Career Development

Everlight Chemical conducts recruitment, cultivation, employment and performance management based on the job function and competency framework the Company has developed. To strengthen employees’ skills across the board, we conduct annual surveys on training needs, in which employees can raise training needs based on general competencies, technical competencies and a checklist for key business continuity management (BCM) competencies. Managers also take the opportunity of annual performance reviews to discuss with employees organizational development and changes, department needs, and new task requirements. This helps employees improve work quality and acquire the necessary knowledge, mindset and skills, strengthening the organization as a whole and improving competitiveness.

Opportunities for Further Studies & Career Development

We arrange and provide internal training for employees based on our Annual Training Plan, including orientation training (including general and technical topics) and on-the-job training (including inspirational, position-based and professional training), with the goal of cultivating capabilities across production, R&D, marketing, management and other functions and improving the Company’s competitiveness.

Also, based on employees’ job responsibilities, the Company may assign employees to receive further training or study at home or abroad (including pursuing a master’s or PhD degree or professional/technical studies), which allows employees to upgrade relevant skills and enhance performance at work.

  • So far 37 employees have completed a master’s/PhD degree or on-the-job training program while working at Everlight Chemical.
  • In 2022, six colleagues pursued further studies online (including four who enrolled in online master’s or PhD programs), with business management and technical expertise related to each of their positions as the main fields of study.

Average Hours of Training per Year per Employee of the Group

(Inclusive of Trend Tone Imaging and Everlight Chemical’s subsidiaries in Suzhou, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, the Netherlands, the United States and Turkey)


Male Managers

Male Non-managers

Female Managers

Female Non-managers

Everlight Chemical Group (Inclusive of subsidiaries)

Number of Employees that Received Training: 1,832

Number of Employees





Total Hours of Training





Average Training Hours per Employee





Everlight Chemical (Including all operational locations in Taiwan)

Number of Employees that Received Training: 1,316

Number of Employees





Total Hours of Training





Average Training Hours per Employee






  1. The figures above included all employees that were employed during the year 2022.
  2. Despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic in 2022, our talent development and training continued, with training expenses and hours growing steadily.

Orientation Training

Mentorship Program for New Hires
For new hires, the on-boarding process is followed by a new hire orientation, where the Company provides an overview of its HR website, company policies and employee benefits. Besides providing orientation training in accordance with Everlight Chemical’s Educational Training Implementation Measures, we also implement a mentorship program that matches senior colleagues with junior employees. Senior-level colleagues would share technical know-how and expertise with junior employees through in-person interactions as well as audiovisual resources, helping junior employees learn the skills needed in their new roles. Managers also actively check in with newly-on-boarded employees to help them adapt to and feel engaged at work. The Taipei headquarters and the plants hold dedicated discussions/symposiums for new hires, where the management team or each plant’s executives and head of HR can directly learn about how new hires are doing at work and provide support as needed.